Lash Services

Eyelash extensions enhance the length, fullness, and thickness of natural lashes. Lashes are applied using an adhesive, and can last anywhere between 2-4 weeks. Refills are needed in between to keep the lashes looking fresh. Lash extensions cut your makeup routine in half, as there is no need to apply mascara or even wear any eye makeup all together. We offer different lash extension sets, and each is customizable by your choice in lengths and curl type. It is important to keep your lash extensions clean, as this will help your lashes to last longer. Our lash cleanser is an excellent product to use at home to extend the life of your lashes. 


CLASSIC LASHES $120 Refill $55 

One false lash is applied to one natural lash. Perfect for those wanting a more natural look. Great to add a natural amount of fullness to your natural lashes. An excellent choice if you are trying lash extensions for the very first time.


HYBRID LASHES $130 Refill $65 

A mix of classic and light volume. Gives a more fluffy fuller look without your lashes looking as thick as a volume set. If you are already used to false lashes, hybrid will be perfect for you.


STRIP LASH LOOK $150 Refill $75

Spiky volume lashes that mimic the wispy look of a strip lash. Mix of shorter and longer lengths throughout.


VOLUME LASHES $160 Refill $85

If you are looking for a more dramatic look, then a volume set is a great choice. 3-5 very thin lashes are applied to 1 natural lash. It is a full look without being too heavy.


MEGA VOLUME LASHES $200 Refill $120

An advanced technique of lashes. This technique is amazing for those who have thin sparse lashes. Gives a thick dense look without any added weight. It is a more glamorous lash style. These lashes are very lightweight and cause no damage to the natural lashes.



Safe removal of your lash extensions, no damage to the natural lashes.