How long do eyelash extensions take?

It all depends on the style of set you are getting. You will be comfortable and relaxed throughout your appointment,  on average it takes about 2 hours.

Can I use mascara on my lashes?

It is NOT recommended as mascara will ruin the lash extensions. Your lash extensions will already give you the fullness and curl you need.

Will my lash extensions hold up on vacation?

Yes! Of course they will. You can swim on your vacation with lashes no problem. It is recommended you get your lashes done a few days before the departure of your trip, that way the glue has enough time to fully set, especially if you are travelling to a hot climate.

Can I remove my lash extensions myself?

Self removal of your lash extensions could result in damage to your natural lashes. It is never good to rip or pick the lashes off. To remove them please book a lash removal service and have them professionally removed. Lash removal service is offered here at Eye Candy Beauty Lounge.

Can you travel to me for lashes and brows?

Unfortunately no mobile services are provided.

Does Microshading hurt?

The pain level is minimal as numbing gel is used during the procedure for your comfort.

What is the difference between Microblading & Microshading?

Microshading is done with a machine, the machine gives off pixelated dots of pigment resulting in a more makeup like look. The pain is less abrasive than traditional microblading which is instead done with a hand held blade in a slice like motion to mimic hair strokes. Microshading results last a lot longer than microblading. Microshading is also an excellent option if you are wanting to cover up previous microblading work.

How long is the Microshading healing?

Healing is usually anywhere between 10-14 days depending on skin type.